Genese Textile has been contributing to National and international fashion industry over 20 years with their exclusive styles and designs.Genese Textile collection specialises in cutting edge prints and stand out statement pieces for the fashion conscious woman. Genese Textile is one of the leading companies in the textile sector. For exporting to seven continents Genese Textile was rewarded by Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Associations ( ITKIP ) for its successful contribution to the industry. Genese textile also promotes its unique styles by attending international exhibitions and fashion shows. Genese successfully opened a showroom in London, which is making a name for itself in the the London fashion sector with its exclusive styles and designs.




Genese Textile is a company centred around the consumer therefore Genese Textile aims to satisfy customer demand by ensuring our clothes meet current trends and styles, whilst maintaining professional quality.


Genese prides itself on its innovative and distinctive designs. Genese textile always produces large collections for each season.


We design our exclusive prints in house using our own team of professionals, who press and apply all our prints to the garments in a digital environment.


Genese Textile is one of the leading companies with the ability to design its own print and also press it exclusively in house, allowing us to offer our customers endless options to choose from.




Genese Textile aims to continue innovating for the next season launching new trend colour dresses, tunics, kaftans, pareos, bikinis, scarfs, shoes, handbags and other accessories for their customers.